Single Stem

Single Stem
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P4117 - 48cm single Peony stem
Available in Cream Fuschia & Pink. ..
P4118 - 66cm Daisy spray
Available in Blue and White.  ..
P4119 - 65cm Cosmos spray
Available in Fuschia, Pink and White. ..
P4137 - 1m Blossom spray
Available in Pink and White. ..
P4148 - 45 cm Bougainvillea spray
Available in Fuschia and White ..
P4149 - 1m20 Bell flower spray
Avvailable in Lilac and White ..
P4150 - 35cm single Tulip stem
Available in Bronze, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow and Red. ..
Q589 - 65cm Cosmos spray
Available in Fuschia, Light Pink and White. ..
P3841 - 68cm single Garden Rose spray
The Garden Rose spray is available in Orange and Yellow. ..
P2561 - 40cm Parfait Rose
The Parfait Rose is available in Purple, and Wine/Cerise ..
P3831 - 60cm single Ranunculus
The Ranunculus  is available in Cream and Yellow. ..
P3846 - 60cm single Gerbera spray
The Gerbera spray is available in the following colours: Orange and Wine. ..