Single Stem

Single Stem
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P4020 - 60cm Small Rose spray
Available in Cream,Pink,Red and Purple ..
P4024 - 60cm Carnation Spray
Available in Lilac, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow. ..
P4037 - 68cm Calla Lilly
Available in Pink and White. ..
P4041 - 90cm English Rose spray
Available in Dark Pink, Peach,Red and White. ..
P4046 - 90cm Single Vintage rose
Available in Pink and Cream. ..
P4060 - 50cm Open Rose
Available in Biscuit and Red. ..
P4061 - 45cm Single Rose
Available in Coffee Cream, Dusty Lilac, Dusty Pink, Dusty Wine and Mauve. ..
P4062 - 53cm Mini Phalaenopsis
Available in Cerise, Yellow and White. ..
P4082 - 92cm Cymbidium spray
Available in White. ..
P4089 - 75 cm Leaf spray
Available i Green and Green/Red. ..
P4093 - 60cm Single stem Carnation
Available in Peach, Pink, Purple, Red and White ..
P4095 - 70cm Single Velvet rose
Will be available in October. ..
P4097 - 95cm Single King protea
Available in Cream and Pink. ..